Turkish Cagritlak Kebab Recipe (“Cağırtlak” Kebabı)

Cagirtlak kebab is one of Turkey’s most popular kebabs. This delicious dish belongs to Gaziantep, the gastronomic capital of Turkey. It is such a delicious dish that it has exceeded the limits of the city! And as it firstly spread all over Turkey, its reputation spread to neighboring countries as well.


  • 150 gr lamb liver (4 skewers),
  • 30 gr liver fat
  • Salad Ingredients:
  • A pinch of parsley,
  • sour sumac, 1 small onion,
  • Ingredients to cook:
  • Salt in moderation, blackpepper, cummin, red pepper


1- Liver is cut in to square pieces. Liver fat is cut into pieces in the same way. 5 liver and 1 square pieces of fat; are put on to a skewer 2 square pieces of liver, 1 square piece of fat, 3 square pieces of liver respectively on each skewer.

2- The livers on skewers are cooked by turning without burning on barbecue which has no flames.

3- A little salt, pepper, and cummin are added while cooking. When they are cooked, they are taken in to a plate, a little blackpeper is added.

4- How to prepare salad: Onion is cut into small pieces and mixed with sour summac. Parsley is cut into very small pieces and it is mixed as well.

5- The salad, dressed with lemon, green- pepper, radish and other seosonal green vegatables, is put next to liver kebab on the plate and served. You may have ayran with the kebab.

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